Water carafes, jugs and pitchers: buy online at the best price

When it comes to serving cold drinks or the table during a meal, water carafes, jugs and pitchers are essential accessories for a polished presentation. On our e-commerce site, we offer you a wide range of these products, to meet all your needs and aesthetic preferences. Shop online with ease and benefit from the best prices on our selection of decanters, jugs and pitchers.

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A variety of shapes and materials to suit all tastes

In our online store, we've assembled a diverse collection of water carafes, jugs and pitchers, designed in different materials and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whatever the style of your tableware or the ambience you wish to create for your meals, you're sure to find the right model among our range.

Elegant glass decanters for a refined table setting

Among our range of decanters, glass models stand out for their timeless elegance. They can be fitted with a stopper to keep the water fresh, or opened for easy serving. Some models feature original shapes, such as a spiral or curved silhouette, adding a touch of originality to your table.

Ceramic jugs for a rustic, authentic style

If you prefer a more traditional style, ceramic jugs are an ideal option. Their soft, rounded lines evoke the charm of family meals in the countryside. What's more, ceramic is sturdy and easy to maintain, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

Plastic pitchers for maximum practicality

For situations where sturdiness and lightness are paramount, plastic pitchers are the perfect solution. They are particularly suitable for picnics or outdoor meals, as well as for children who risk spilling their drinks. What's more, they're generally easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

Functional accessories for carafes, jugs and pitchers

To complete our range, we also offer a number of accessories to accompany our water carafes, jugs and pitchers. These products add an extra touch of functionality or decoration to your table.

Anti-drip stoppers to prevent tablecloth stains

Our drip-proof stoppers, available for different shapes of jugs and pitchers, enable you to pour your drinks without splashes or drips that could stain your tablecloth. They are often made of silicone or stainless steel, and easily adapt to the opening of your container.

Fruit infusers to flavour your water

For those who want to add a fruity touch to their water, our fruit infusers are the ideal accessory. Simply fill them with pieces of fresh fruit, such as citrus or berries, and insert them into your carafe or pitcher. The water will take on a delicious natural aroma.

Matching coasters to protect your surfaces

Last but not least, think about pairing your decanters, jugs and pitchers with matching coasters. These practical accessories protect your tables and autres surfaces from water marks and scratches caused by the bottom of the containers.

Choose from our selection and shop online at the best price

Now that you know the features and benefits of our range of water carafes, jugs and pitchers, all you have to do is choose the models that suit you and place your order on our e-commerce site. We guarantee a simple and secure online shopping experience, as well as competitive prices on all our products. So don't wait any longer to equip your table with style and practicality!