The ideal tableware for the perfect breakfast: Bowls, Mugs, Coffee and Tea Cups

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. So it's essential to enjoy it in the best possible conditions. That's why we've put together a selection of essential tableware and accessories for enjoying your coffee, tea or hot chocolate in style and comfort.

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Bowls, the essential breakfast ally

The bowl is undoubtedly the central element of our breakfast table. Whether in porcelain, earthenware or ceramic, the bowl is ideal for enjoying cereal, fruit or yoghurt. But it's not just for food: it can also hold our favorite hot beverage, be it coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

To meet your every need, we've selected bowls in a variety of designs, from the most classic to the most original. Some models are even customizable, for an even more unique touch.

Patterned and colored bowls

To brighten up your breakfast, let yourself be tempted by our colorful bowls with original patterns. The different themes available will bring a playful, vitamin-packed touch to your table. And why not opt for a bowl with your initial or a fun message? The choice is vast and there's something for everyone.

Mugs, the trend of the moment

The mug has become the star item of modern breakfasts. More than just a container, it's now a veritable fashion accessory, proudly displayed in our kitchens and on our desks. Available in different sizes, materials and colors, the mug is ideal for enjoying a well-earned coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Isothermal mugs

For those who are always in a hurry in the morning, we offer a range of isothermal mugs. Practical and attractive, they'll keep your hot beverage hot for several hours and allow you to take it with you wherever you go. An indispensable ally for long days at the office or car journeys.

Elegant coffee and tea cups

For coffee and tea lovers, we've selected a collection of cups with elegant, refined shapes. Whether you prefer espresso, long coffee, black tea or green tea, you're sure to find the perfect cup to enjoy your favorite beverage.

Themed mugs

In addition to our classic models, we also offer themed mugs to bring a touch of originality to your moment of relaxation. Whether you're a fan of cinema, music or travel, there's sure to be a tea or coffee mug to match your passions.

Accessories for optimum enjoyment

To accompany your breakfast tableware, think also of the essential accessories for a successful tasting experience. These include

  • The coffee spoon, for easy mixing and tasting of your hot beverage.
  • The cup-holder, to place your cup safely on the table or desk
  • The tray, ideal for transporting your cups, mugs or bowls without the risk of spilling them
  • Tea infusers, for preparing loose tea with style and simplicity

With this selection of tableware and accessories, you're all set to enjoy a breakfast worthy of nom. Whether it's the premier meal of the day, or a well-deserved break during the day, it's important to choose the right tableware to suit your desires and lifestyle. So don't hesitate to explore our catalog to find the right bowls, mugs, coffee and tea cups for you.