Wall decor: trends and designs that can't be ignored

Wall decoration is an essential element in giving character to our interiors. There are a multitude of options for dressing our walls, from the most classic to the most original. We invite you to discover some of the wall decorating trends that are sure to make a splash in your home.

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Frames: timeless and always on trend

Frames are undoubtedly the ultimate wall decoration element. They can be used to display memories, favorite works of art or even a personal creation. Increasingly popular, frame compositions add an artistic touch to our decor. Here are a few tips for creating a harmonious composition:

  • Vary frame sizes and shapes to create a dynamic whole.
  • Mix styles (photos, illustrations, quotations...) for an original wall decoration.
  • Arrange frames to form an imaginary rectangle for visual balance
  • Don't hesitate to play with colors for a personal touch

Misappropriated objects: a surprising way to decorate the wall

For those who want to think outside the box, it's possible to appropriate everyday objects and turn them into wall decorations. Here are a few ideas:

  • An old bicycle hung on the wall for a recycled, industrial esprit look.
  • Shelves made from skateboards for a sporty, urban look
  • Vinyl records mounted on the wall for a musical touch vintage
  • Use tree branches as coat racks for a natural, poetic ambience.

Plants: the essential touch of greenery

Plants are invading our interiors, including our walls! Vertical gardens and autres plant wall decorations are becoming increasingly popular as a way of adding a breath of fresh air to our decor. There are many ways to integrate greenery into our walls:

  • Shelves dedicated to plants to create a plant library
  • A plant tableau composed of stabilized moss or succulents for a living work of art.
  • Flower pots suspended from hooks for a cascade of greenery
  • Frames containing aromatic herbs for wall decor that's as beautiful as it is useful

Stickers and wallpapers: for personalized wall decoration

Easy to apply and change, stickers and autres wall coverings are the ideal way to add a little pizzazz to your walls without having to do any major work. Whether it's a repetitive motif or a mural fresco, these decorative elements let us express our personality and create a unique space.

  • Opt for geometric patternsom for a modern, graphic effect
  • Succumb to the tropical trend with exotic leaf motifs
  • Dare to go large with a panoramic landscape to transform your room into a true escape
  • Go for originality with text stickers to display your convictions or favorite quotes

Neon: a bright, designer touch

Long reserved for advertising signs, neon lights are now making their way into our interiors. A real luminous objet d'art, they add a warm ambience and a designer touch to our wall decor. Here are a few tips for integrating neon lighting into your interior:

  • Choose a sober, uncluttered model for minimalist wall decoration.
  • Opt for a positive message or inspirational quote for a feel-good effect.
  • Choose soft colors for a cozy, soothing ambience
  • Play with shapes (heart, star, cloud...) to personalize your wall decorations.

In conclusion, wall decor is an ideal way to express your creativity and bring your interior to life. Whether you're a fan of frames, greenery or design, don't hesitate to try out these different trends to create a space that suits you.