Living room furniture: choose the ideal furniture for your relaxation area

At the heart of our home, the living room is a key place where we like to gather with family and friends to share convivial moments. That's why it's essential to choose the right furniture for this space dedicated to comfort and relaxation. In our online store, we offer a wide selection of living room furniture to suit every taste and every desire.

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Discover our range of living room furniture

In our category dedicated to living room furniture, you'll find several types of furniture that are essential for furnishing your living room:

  • Coffee tables: the central element of the living room, a coffee table must be both practical and aesthetically pleasing to blend in perfectly with your decor.
  • Sofa ends: these small side tables are ideal for placing magazines, remote controls or decorative objects close to your sofa.
  • Sellettes: real decorative supports, selettes show off your plants, lamps or autres decorative objects to their best advantage.
  • Storage furniture: shelves, bookcases, sideboards...

All our living room furniture is designed to meet your needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Our selection includes models in a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary, vintage or designer.

Coffee tables for every taste

At the center of your living space, the coffee table is a key element that must harmonize with the rest of your decor. We offer a wide range of coffee tables to suit every taste:

  • Round, square or rectangular coffee tables
  • Furniture in wood, metal, glass, marble or composite materials
  • Models with built-in storage (drawers, niches, shelves)

Our coffee tables are also available in a range of sizes, to adapt perfectly to the size of your living room and the configuration of your space.

Sofa ends and selettes: practical and decorative occasional furniture

Sofa ends and selettes are very useful pieces of occasional furniture for organizing and decorating your living room. They create extra storage space, while adding an aesthetic touch to your living room.

In our selection, you'll find models of sofa ends and selettes in a variety of shapes and materials, to harmonize with your overall decor:

  • Wooden, metal or glass supports
  • Geometric, round, square or rectangular shapesom
  • Clean, classic, vintage or contemporary design

How to choose the right living room furniture?

To make the most of your relaxation space, it's important to take several criteria into account when choosing your living room furniture:

Room size and furniture layout

Before selecting your living room furniture, remember to measure the space available in your living room. Also take into account the layout of your sofa, armchairs and autres furniture (bookcase, sideboard, etc.) to optimize the layout of your living room.

Decorating style and materials

Depending on the decorating style you want for your living room, choose furniture with the right materials and finishes: unfinished wood for a warm, authentic feel, metal and glass for an industrial look, or marble and composite materials for a contemporary, designer look look.

Furniture functionality

Don't forget to consider the functionality of your living room furniture: a coffee table with built-in storage or a modular sofa will save you space and organize your relaxation area in the best possible way.

Thanks to our selection of living room furniture, we're sure you'll find the right pieces to match your desires and your decor. Feel free to browse our online catalog to discover all our references and create a living room that suits you.