Enhance your home with online bulbs and accessories

We're all looking for the perfect touch to enhance our interiors. Lighting plays a major role in this process, which is why it's essential to choose the right bulbs and accessories. On our 100% deco online store, we present a selection of products available at low prices to help you create the perfect ambience in your home.

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Light bulbs: find the right model for your needs

When it comes to lighting your home, the choice of bulbs is crucial. There are several criteria to consider:

  • Wattage: expressed in watts, this determines the amount of light emitted by the bulb.
  • Color temperature: measured in Kelvin, this defines the shade of light (warm white, neutral white, cool white).
  • Color rendering: indicated by the color rendering index (IRC), this is used to assess the quality of the light emitted.
  • Service life: indicated in hours, this gives an estimate of how long the bulb will operate before it's out of use.

Depending on these characteristics, you can opt for different types of bulb:

  • Incandescent bulbs: classic and economical, but less efficient in terms of energy consumption and lifespan.
  • Halogen bulbs: more efficient than incandescent bulbs, they offer more intense light and better color rendering.
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs): energy-efficient, they have a long life but may take a few moments to reach full brightness.
  • LED bulbs: highly energy-efficient and long-lasting, they are now the preferred choice for interior lighting.

Accessories: make the most of your bulbs

Once you've chosen the right bulbs for your needs, it's important to highlight them with the right accessories. Here are a few things to consider:

Bulb holders

The choice of holder depends on the type of bulb you wish to use. You'll find brackets suitable for screw (E27, E14) or bayonet (B22) bulbs, as well as for different bulb shapes (spherical, flame, tube...).

Lighting fixtures

Lighting your home wouldn't be complete without the right fixtures. Depending on the mood you want to create, opt for pendant lights, wall sconces, floor lamps or recessed spotlights.


To adapt lighting to your needs and mood, consider installing a dimmer switch. This device allows you to adjust the brightness of your bulbs, creating a warm or invigorating atmosphere to suit your mood.

Bulb caps

To add a decorative touch to your lighting, don't hesitate to use bulb caps. In glass, metal or fabric, they diffuse the light while adding an aesthetic touch to your interior.

Buy your bulbs and accessories online

Today, there are many e-commerce sites offering light bulbs and accessories to enhance your interior. By choosing to buy online, you'll benefit from a number of advantages:

  • A wide choice of products: you'll have access to an extensive range of bulbs and accessories to find the ones that best meet your needs.
  • Attractive prices: by cutting out the middleman, e-commerce sites can offer competitive prices on their products.
  • Home delivery: no need to visit a store, your orders will be delivered straight to your door.
  • Advice and customer reviews: to help you make your choice, e-commerce sites generally provide detailed product sheets and reviews from customers who have already tested the items.

Find the ideal lighting for your home

In short, the choice of light bulbs and accessories is crucial to creating a pleasant, harmonious atmosphere in your home. Thanks to the many models available online, you'll be able to find the lighting solution that perfectly matches your needs and desires. So don't wait any longer, discover our wide range of products to brighten up your everyday life!