Must-have toilet accessories: toilet seat, broom, toilet roll holder and more

As a French company specializing in bathroom fittings, we offer you a wide selection of products to equip your WC. Whether you're looking for a toilet seat, a toilet brush or a toilet roll holder, our range of toilet accessories will meet all your needs. Discover our collections that combine aesthetic personalization and comfort.

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Toilet seat: choosing the right model for your needs

The toilet seat is an essential element in ensuring the hygiene and comfort of your bathroom. We offer you a wide choice of models, in terms of materials, colors and patterns. So you can personalize your toilet to suit your tastes.

The different types of toilet seat

Among the toilet seats we offer, you'll find :

  • Classic plastic or wooden flaps
  • Drop-braked flaps to prevent accidental slamming.
  • Detachable flaps for easy cleaning
  • Flaps with antibacterial treatment, for optimum hygiene
  • Special toilet seats for children or people with reduced mobility

Our advice on choosing the right toilet seat

To select the toilet seat that's right for you, it's important to consider ..:

  1. the shape of your toilet bowl: round, oval or square
  2. Toilet seat and bowl dimensions
  3. Your preferences in terms of material, color and design
  4. Any options you may require (e.g. drop-brake, unclipable, antibacterial treatment, etc.).

This way, you'll benefit from a toilet seat adapted to your desires and perfectly compatible with your equipment.

Toilet brush: an essential accessory for toilet hygiene

Toilet brushes are essential for keeping your washrooms clean. Our catalog features a wide range of toilet brushes, including models with long handles for ease of use. Our products are designed to meet every requirement in terms of quality and durability.

The different types of toilet brushes

Depending on your needs, you can choose from :

  • Classic toilet brushes, with or without holder
  • Toilet brushes with interchangeable heads, to extend the life of your broom
  • Silicone toilet brushes, more hygienic and easier to clean than traditional brushes
  • Toilet rollers combining brush and toilet paper dispenser, for optimum space-saving.

Our advice on choosing the right toilet brush

To help you select the toilet brush that's right for you, consider :

  1. Brush size, to fit the shape of your toilet bowl
  2. Brush material (bristle or silicone), depending on your cleaning and hygiene preferences.
  3. The design of the brush and holder, to blend in harmoniously with your decor.

Toilet roll holder: combining practicality and aesthetics

The toilet roll holder is an essential WC accessory to ensure the comfort of your washroom. We offer a wide range of models, including wall-mounted, floor-standing and toilet rollers. Discover our range of aluminum toilet roll dispensers for an extra touch of elegance.

The different types of toilet paper dispenser

Depending on your needs and space, you can choose from :

  • Single or double wall-mounted dispensers
  • Floor-standing dispensers with or without reserve
  • Toilet servants combining dispenser and brush
  • Toilet roll dispensers for practical, discreet storage

Our advice on choosing the right toilet roll holder

To select the model that's right for you, don't forget to take into account :

  1. Your available space and toilet configuration
  2. The type of mounting you prefer (screw-on, glue-on, etc.)
  3. The design and materials of the dispenser, so that it fits in perfectly with your decor.

When you choose our toilet accessories, you benefit from free delivery and the best prices for your online purchases. Don't wait any longer to give your toilets the comfort and aesthetic appeal they deserve!